Natural Mineral Hot Springs

Miracle Manor sits atop Miracle Hill in Desert Hot Springs, California, where health-giving, naturally hot and cold mineral springs were discovered over 100 years ago. At the top of this hill, closest to the source, Miracle Manor provides its guests with unlimited access to two sparkling pools filled with this natural wonder.

Emerging from the ground at 152 degrees Fahrenheit and cooled to 88 degrees in the swimming pool and 104 degrees in the soaking tub, the heat of the water plays an important role in balancing the body’s systems and allowing the skin to absorb its nourishing minerals.

Among core spa traditions, soaking in mineral water restores and revitalizes the body. Known as Balneotherapy, the practice has long been used to improve circulation, strengthen the immune system, and relieve pain and stress.

The unique composition of this mineral water is world famous for its therapeutic and mood-enhancing properties: low in sulfur and rich in lithium. Once immersed in our waters, you’ll experience a level of nourishment and rejuvenation never felt before.

H2O Analysis

Silica - 21.50
Iron oxide - trace
Calcium - 45.10
Aluminum oxide - trace
Magnesium - 5.10
Sodium - 268.60
Sulfate - 493.60
Chloride - 120.50
Bicarbonate - 129.00
Fluoride - 5.30
Hydrogen-ion activity (pch) - 8.30
Conductivity (ec 106 at 25° C) - 388.00

(in parts per million)

Mineral Hot Spring Benefits

Carbonates - in small amounts, stimulates breathing; helps with vascular issues; calms the nervous system; slows the heart rate; and helps the body produce new blood vessels.

Bicarbonates - aids in improving circulation.

Sulfate - Relieves numerous ailments including conditions of the liver, digestive and urinary systems, metallic poisoning, chronic skin diseases, and rheumatism.

Iron - helps with iron-deficiency anemia, excessive mental fatigue, and stress.

Magnesium - helps regulate body functions, production of proteins and energy, and nerve and muscle function. 

Lithium - a silvery-white alkali metal, lithium is used to treat manic depression. It also stabilizes mood swings, corrects sleep disorders, and relaxes the mind and the emotions. Also, known to help alleviate migraine headaches. According to a 2009 Japanese study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, communities whose water contained larger amounts of lithium had significantly lower suicide rates.

Silica - the body contains .05% silica in the bones, skin, and all organs. It is important in promoting bone formation and growth of hair and nails. A 2009 study shows that increases of silica in the drinking water reduces incidence of dementia by 11%.

By drinking the waters and/or taking the many types of baths (hot, cold, mud), mineral and hot springs enthusiasts see increased health in the joints, skin, and other parts of the body, including brain function and the reduction of stress. 

Mineral Soak - Day Use

We invite you to enjoy our world famous mineral hot springs, known for its therapeutic and mood enhancing properties.


Includes 4-hour access to our magical mineral soaking tub and pool, a day-use pool towel, a rehydrating beverage, and unlimited spectacular mountain and desert views.